The year is new with endless possibilities and opportunities. A new owner to the Village at Briarcliff’s 9round, though not new to the brand’s level of fitness. Melissa McFarland and husband Chris are franchise owners for five gyms in the Northland. Bringing 9round to Missouri is all thanks to this power couple.

Opening soon is a new location in Smithville, adding to the family of gyms in Liberty, Briarcliff, Parkville, New Mark, and Tiffany Springs. 9rounds owned by Melissa allow for members to use any of the locations at any time!

There are NO class times! This means you are the only one making your workout times. Instead of going to a gym for a class, waiting 15 minutes for the class to start and then completing the class is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Who has that much time to spare in a day while working a full time job? Not very many people. How many people’s schedules fit perfectly with the class times set by gyms? Even fewer. 9round offers their members the freedom to fit in their schedules, time to get results.

Never do the same routine twice. Every 3 minutes is the start of a new round! Walk in and get started with a new sequence. The workout is just 30 minutes and you’ll be glad you did it! The results will come but 9round wants the focus to be on the process because that’s what keeps people going. The little accomplishments of doing the workouts will make the goal [being fit] attainable and enjoyable!

“It’s effective, fun, and convenient!” – Melissa M.

The trainers are there for you, whenever you walk in the door. Whatever your athletic level, 9round and the trainers tailor the workouts for you! How many gyms and their classes tailor specifically to your needs and level? After the initial training session at other gyms, you are on your own with a program and it is solely your responsibility to complete it properly and effectively. At 9round, you always have a trainer to help you and make sure you don’t get hurt or slack off. You have personalized motivation! In order to get that kind of treatment, other gyms charge extra premiums.

“We have a 73-year-old member that when he started couldn’t do many of the exercises, but now he is doing them all and loves it!” – Melissa M.

The first workout is free! Walk in to 9round at any of the locations and test drive the program for no cost to you! 9round offers deals and discounts a lot because they care about healthy living. Deals on workout gear like 9round gloves are offered. Wear swag and earn shirts when you achieve goals! Only people and members who accomplish 100 workouts get that shirt. Be in the elite and earn your results, and shirts, by working and focusing on the process.

Traveling outside of the Northland and away from Melissa’s 9round gyms is not an issue because Melissa and her team of trainers want you to succeed. She will call the 9round gym where you’re traveling to get you in so you never miss a day! Since 9round was franchised in 2009, no corporate office is making decisions that are best for the gym and its members. Trainers, owners, and employees are there because they want to be and want to be there for you. Take the fitness journey, it’s only 9rounds. The place where exercise and fun are synonymous and fitness is on your time.

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