Beautiful Design in the City

Design in the City // The Village at Briarcliff

Are you looking for ways to infuse a little more beauty into your world? Perhaps you need a wardrobe pick-me-up. Or maybe you’re in search of the perfect gift.

No matter what you’re looking for, look no further than Design in the City. This shop at The Village at Briarcliff offers unique clothing, accessories, and home décor.

“We travel to seven or more markets a year,” says Mindy Diaz, owner of Design in the City. “I’m always trying to find the next best thing. We try to be the first to have new items in the city.”

The shop is known for its jewelry. “A lot of people come to us to buy pieces for themselves or as gifts,” says Mindy. “We have lines that the big stores carry, but we have them first!”

Whether it’s jewelry, clothing, or home accessories, Design in the City offers items that are on-trend and in-style.

“We really try to find lines that are not in every single store,” says Mindy. “When people come in, they’re constantly saying, ‘Oh, I’ve never seen this before.’ It’s more about the love of fashion, not what’s popular at the time.”

Good customer service never goes out of style, and it’s something that Mindy has embraced.

“I have very few employees,” she says. “When you come in, sometimes it’s my husband, or my father, or my mother, or my 17-year-old son helping you.”

Design in the City also has great employees and a shop dog. Stella, a 75-pound yellow lab, is often around to greet shoppers.

“We have a really good clientele,” says Mindy. “I always enjoy coming to work every day and being around my customers.”

Customers can always look forward to something new at Design in the City. Mindy and her crew receive new boxes of merchandise every day.

“My background is in design, so we always like decorating the store,” she says. “With new items coming in every day, we’re always moving things around and making room. It’s always fun.

“That’s what I love about my store – I just like coming here and being surrounded by beautiful things and lovely people. What’s not to love about that?”

Design in the City’s loyal clientele certainly won’t argue. The shop is celebrating its 10th anniversary in October. Follow Design in the City on Facebook and Instagram for design inspiration and details on the anniversary bash.

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