Metro KC Fitness – $1 Gym Memberships Offer

What's Happening in Your Village

What would you do with $1? Metro KC Fitness Briarcliff is offering $1 gym memberships for you to start your health journey including:
✅ 24/7 Access
✅ Friendly and comfortable atmosphere
✅ Exceptional cleaning
✅ Knowledgeable personal training staff

Metro KC Fitness

You deserve to be happy and healthy—on your terms. Metro KC Fitness is here to help.

With options for personal and group training, nutrition plans, employee wellness programs, and 24/7/365 member access to the gym, Metro KC Fitness helps personalize a wellness program that is right for you—with no contracts and no extra fees for classes.

We remove the barriers that many other gyms put in your way and set the foundation to help you become the best you can be. Stop by during our front desk hours or call for an appointment to take a tour.

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