Photography Exhibit with Royal Scanlon at Eclektica

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Eclektica Salon celebrates local artists and is proud to present the photography of Royal Scanlon.
We welcome you to see these works, meet the artist, and enjoy a wine and cheese party.

Royal Scanlon is an artist who continues to explore and express creatively through a variety of mediums. Having made his living for many years as a singer, songwriter, musician, he draws great strength from two very simple yet comforting proverbs, revisited often. The first of these being, “The Path Provides” and the second, John Lennon’s wonderful insight, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

Along with the many avenues of artistic expression the path has found him treading, he has, for the last quarter century, been a dedicated practitioner (and now teacher) of Yang Style Short Form T’ai Chi Ch’uan. When he’s not busy working on photo essays, writing, teaching or playing music, you will invariably find him in the studio working on The Form.

Royal lives, works, plays, and dreams with his wife, actress and harpist, Peggy Friesen, in Kansas City, Missouri.

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