Gearing up for cold-weather workouts

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cold weather workouts

As the temperatures fall, it’s time to shift into high gear with exercise. While the pull of the couch can be strong, cool-weather workouts can be invigorating. They can also impact how you feel next swimsuit season.

Working out in chilly temps is a way to get some variety into your routine. The trick is to make sure you have a plan and you’re prepared. Here are some tips for staying active as the mercury drops.

Get the right gear. No matter the activity, the right tools make all the difference. This is especially true with shoes. Footwear can make or break even the most casual athlete. For walking, we love the selection and personalized service at The Foot Stop.

Drink up. Colder temperatures might mean you don’t perspire as much as you did in the heat of the summer. But don’t be fooled! You’re still sweating, and you still need to hydrate. Drink water before and after any activity to keep your muscles loose and all systems go.

Stretch. Cold weather can make muscles tight and more susceptible to injury. Take extra time to stretch before working out in cool temps. You may save yourself from a painful sprain or tear.

Mix it up. Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to exercise. 9Round offers a 30-minute kickboxing circuit that will take your workout from blah to hurrah. This unique approach allows you to show up any time – new circuits open up every three minutes.

Love the skin you’re in. Just because it’s cool doesn’t mean you can’t get sunburned. Slather sunscreen on your face and any other exposed skin. Sunscreen can help protect against windburn, too. And don’t forget your lips – they need SPF, too.

Know when to say when. Sometimes, it’s just too cold to work out outside. Luckily, you can get your sweat on at Foundation Fitness day or night. This 24-hour facility works with any schedule – and it’s climate-controlled.

Exercise can help you stay happy and healthy, no matter the weather. Play it safe – and warm – as temperatures drop.

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