Remembering Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day just came and went. Unfortunately, several states stood in between me actually being with my mom on the day. Thankfully though, my whole family is flying up for Memorial Day this weekend. So unlike most, my Mother’s Day gift shopping was a bit extended.

For majority of you who don’t know my mother, she is an extraordinary woman. When I use the word “extraordinary,” of course I believe she’s wonderful, special, so on and so forth. However, her extraordinaire is due to the fact that she raises four boys from ages 8-13 and still manages to keep her sanity.


So in honor of her being so extraordinary, I’ve decided to get her two gifts for Mother’s Day, one that’s something fun and she can use every day and another that’s sweet and sentimental to let her know how much she means to me.

My first stop was Design in the City. After explaining how my mom is always on the go and majority of her summer is spent at the pool and beach with the boys, Mindy the owner thought some cute, fun poolside accessories would be a great gift for Mother’s Day!


We have a teal woven, straw Shiraleah tote for all her belongings. We threw in a sassy shimmer Raffia cowgirl hat to keep the sun out of her face and additional yellow straw happy just because I’m indecisive and liked them both. Although my mother isn’t a huge drinker, we couldn’t resist the “Liquid Diet” flask and “Life is better by the Pool” cocktail accessories. My mother LOVES and LIVES in flip flops. The zebra print and neon orange are fun and perfect for a tan. Last but not least, some fresh, delightful body scrub from Thymes so Mom’s skin is fully prepped for the sun! Fun gift, Check!


My next stop was Finishings for Her. With charms and trinkets galore, I thought Finishings for Her would be a perfect shop to get a sentimental gift. I told Amy the manager the purpose of my visit, and she guided me to the Spartina’s 449 jewelry and charm collection. My favorite was the “Live Simply” 18 KT gold plated bangle.


If I could describe my mother’s style, I’d say she’s simple yet elegant, everything the bracelet is and says. “Find Peace,” “Wish,” and “Have Faith” were some of the other options.

Although I thought I was done shopping after finding my lovely Spartina gold bracelet, I couldn’t resist the Mariana Spirit of Design Collection. With each piece hand made in Isreal, this line of jewelry is not only exquisite but incredibly unique.


I ended up getting mom one of the Guardian Angel necklaces from the line. Each of these beautiful pendants below bestow protection, guidance, and the faith of an angel to last for years to come.


Sentimental gifts, check!

Forgot to get mom a Mother’s Day Gift? No worries, whether it’s next week or six months from now, the Village at Briarcliff has everything you need to find the perfect gift.

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