Stop by PhillyTime for Great Specials



With just one bite, you’ll forget you’re in Kansas City. Since 2001, PhillyTime has provided customers with authentic Philly cheesesteaks and Philly-style subs–each packed with thinly sliced rib eye steak and piled high with the freshest toppings.

Originating on North Oak, PhillyTime moved to the Village at Briarcliff in 2009. Owners John and Sandra Matthews, Jarod, Manager and Chef, and the rest of the team work together to ensure their clients are satisfied when it’s “PhillyTime.”

“I enjoy it when new customers experience an authentic cheesesteak for the first time…,” says John. “But, I really enjoy it when I have customers who are originally from Philly and they find us. As soon as they see the Amoroso Hoagies they are excited about the food, and once they taste it they become lifelong customers.”

The restaurant is committed to quality and uses the freshest, most authentic ingredients to build their cheesesteaks, wraps, and subs. Each Italian Hearth-Baked hoagie roll is imported from the Amoroso Bakery in Philadelphia. The best Philly’s start with the Amoroso hoagie roll, and at PhillyTime, each sandwich is taken to the next level with delicious Boar’s Head meats, melted cheese, and local veggies. Each menu item is made to order, and PhillyTime even provides catering for business meetings, private parties, and special occasions.

PhillyTime’s passion for great food goes beyond the restaurant, as they provide food to Kansas City’s homeless through the “Hope in the Streets” foundation, a local charity aiming to bring hope to the homeless through gifts of food, clothing, and life sustaining items. Each Sunday, the PhillyTime team prepares meal bags that include a sandwich, chips, cookie, and a drink, and delivers them to those in need of a meal. Join PhillyTime in supporting “Hope in the Streets.” Visit to learn more.

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