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Top Cleaners // the Village at Briarcliff

With over 13 years of experience, Top Cleaners is Briarcliff’s premiere dry cleaning, alteration and tailoring provider. Top Cleaners was established by Judy Hwang and Kyu Hwan Hwang in May 2003, in Parkville, Missouri. In March 2015, the Hwangs opened a second location at the Village at Briarcliff.

“Briarcliff possesses a beautiful scenery and atmosphere and makes it convenient for people to receive services for their clothing.” – Judy Hwang, Owner

Top Cleaners provides Briarcliff’s customers with high-quality clothing and fabric cleaning services. Each garment receives unique, special care. Top Cleaners guarantees proper cleaning, and, If necessary, provides simple repairs or alterations to achieve the perfect fit.  In addition to your wardrobe favorites, Top Cleaners also provides rug and leather cleaning. Each cleaned, repaired, or altered piece is carefully placed in express bags for easy management. If you are unable to pick-up your items, Top Cleaners offers delivery services as well.

Top Cleaners prides themselves in providing great service to all of their clients. Their customers’ satisfaction is most important, and is shown by their top-level attention and care.

Call (816) 541-4416 to learn about Top Cleaners’ discounts today!

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