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Nell Hill's // The Village at Briarcliff

Looking for a quick gift, new furniture, or a fun way to while away the afternoon? Nell Hill’s is your destination.

Nestled in The Village at Briarcliff, this one-of-a-kind shop isn’t just a store – it’s an experience. Owner Mary Carol Garrity and her team of tastemakers have created a lush environment chock full of design ideas. Nell Hill’s boasts 16,000 square feet of realistic room settings.

“We’ve been in business in Atchison for 34 years, and it’s been great,” says Mary Carol. “But having a location at Briarcliff for the last 7 years has been extremely gratifying. We have so much lovely, well-lit space to do all these vignettes. We feel the store should be inspiring, and this space gives us the opportunity to do things we couldn’t do in a smaller shop.”

Kansas Citians had been making the pilgrimage to Nell Hill’s in Atchison for years. Now, the location at The Village at Briarcliff means that this unique resource is just minutes away.

The shop features everything you need to make your home truly yours. You can build your space from the floor up with area rugs, upholstered furniture, and larger pieces like bookcases and armoires. You’ll also find a huge selection of the finishing touches that really make a space unique. Pillows, artwork, and accessories are available for every taste. Nell Hill’s also features:

  • Fabrics for both indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Everything you need to set the perfect table – whether it’s for everyday use or a gala
  • Lighting, from table lamps to statement chandeliers
  • Botanicals … because every room needs a pop of green

And if you’re not sure what will work in your space? Mary Carol and her stylists offer custom design services.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Nell Hill’s.

“What makes us unique is the mix of products we offer, and how it’s displayed,” says Mary Carol. “We feel there’s a lot of emphasis on quality and value.

“You can come in here and buy a $22 candle or walk out with a room full of furniture. Hopefully, you’ve had a great time and it’s entertaining as well.”

At Nell Hill’s, it’s not unusual for complete strangers to strike up a conversation about sconces or a fantastic throw.

“It’s like a fun cocktail party, except without the alcohol,” says Mary Carol. “People interact with people they’ve never even met. We just want you to have an experience that inspires you to do things in your own home.”

Don’t miss out on the fun, ideas, and unique design at Nell Hill’s. Between visits, you can keep up with Mary Carol via the shop’s blog and Facebook. And don’t forget the shop’s Pinterest boards – like Nell Hill’s itself, they’re brimming with inspiration.

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