Win Valentine’s Day

The Village at Briarcliff

February 14th, the day of love. What could possibly be a better representation of love than a naked flying baby? Anything. Show your valentine how much you love them this year by planning a beautiful night together. There are so many ways to show you love someone, whether it’s been 50 years or just a few months, romance is always appreciated. What’s the best Valentine’s date you’ve ever had?

Here’s a little secret, gentlemen: Most women don’t need the biggest teddy bear in the store or the biggest arrangement of roses or even the biggest box of chocolates – however those are appreciated and icing on the cake. Honestly, we end up eating the entire box of chocolate except for those coconut ones None of that is what makes the best Valentine’s Day date. It’s being with our partner. Something simple like dinner by candle light from her favorite restaurant that you went to once. A single or bouquet of her favorite flowers, in her favorite color. We aren’t difficult when it comes to our hearts.

Women want to know they matter and are special to someone who’s special to them. Pay attention to her throughout the year and learn the little things about her. It makes Valentine’s, her birthday, Christmas, and anniversaries so much easier. Do whatever she wants for the day and night without any complaining. Do something with her like paint beautiful works of art while sipping on wine at Pinot’s Palette. Make her a gift, there is something about hand-made gifts that mean the most to women. Another great gift would be a day at the Spa at Briarcliff. Take her to get beautiful home decor at Nell Hill’s. Pamper her all day and then deliver a quiet night at home. Make it a little cooler in the house and get an extra soft blanket to share.

Ladies, guys aren’t hard to please on Valentine’s day either. Buy him his favorite Kansas City team gear made locally from Made in KC. The store is full of fan apparel he’ll love to wear. Don’t have a Kansas City sports fan? Not to worry, Made in KC has a lot of fun, locally made items like graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts. They have coasters and socks, hats and much more. Guys carry a lot of stress, whether they admit it or not, a day at the Spa at Briarcliff would be a great gift. Get a couples massage and help ease his nerves. Plus, it’s a nice thing to do as a couple: relax.
There is a lot to do on Valentine’s day and while each relationship is different, just like each valentine is unique, here are some ideas about a fun intimate date. Be safe and smart, love is in the air and at the Village at Briarcliff. It’s your village.

*Put up a sheet against the wall and rent or buy a projector. Pop some popcorn, light a few candles, lay pillows on the floor with a single soft blanket (encourages closeness). Watch his/her favorite movie, even if you don’t like it.
*Make their favorite meal served with their favorite beverage and share their favorite dessert.
*Deck out the house in candles and petals and place a bow on a new puppy. Best Valentine’s gift…might be a personal choice.
*Pick out a dress or suit for the special night out and your dinner reservations at Trezo Mare or Piropo’s. Leave them a handwritten note with the least amount of information as to not spoil the surprise. Leave a single flower laying on the card on the selected clothes.
*Go bowling and have ice cream. Go to a bar/arcade and have fun being care-free.
*Do something they mentioned would be fun but never thought they would have time for; it shows you were listening and you made their wish come true.
*Don’t propose. It seems like a good idea but it’s a cliche, do it the 15th!
*Watch the season premiere of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. British comedian with good points and little tact. Perfect for TV!
*Get creative. They like/love you for you so just do what is true to who they fell for, it’ll be nice to fall all over again.
*Favorite* Recreate the first date, the first time you saw them, where you first knew you were in love, or when you first met. This is incredibly sweet and romantic. You’ll rule Valentine’s Day.

  • Just be together and be happy to love and be loved every day. Happy Valentine’s Day!
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