Beat the Heat

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Beat the Heat

Summer is warming up – and it’s easy to feel wilted.

Don’t let the high temperatures get you down. There are simple ways to keep cool without blasting the A/C or moving to the Arctic Circle. Here are some quick fixes that can have a big impact on your summer comfort.

Start up the grill. If you don’t turn on your oven, you’ll avoid creating additional heat in your home. Instead of using your stove, opt for grilling outside. It feels like summer, and will help keep your house cool. And if you can’t stand the heat from the grill? Take advantage of all the fresh produce available right now. Enjoy a cool salad and leave the cooking for another day.

Adjust your fans. Ceiling fans need to be adjusted seasonally – who knew? In the summer, set your ceiling fan to run counter-clockwise at a higher speed. The airflow will create a breeze effect and help you feel cooler.

Keep ‘em closed. Not your eyes – your blinds. The right window coverings can make a vast difference in the temperature of your home – and the size of your utility bill. Consider UV-blocking shades to keep your living space comfortable. Budget Blinds offers many options that are both stylish and practical.

Keep ‘em open. If you sense cool evening breezes, take advantage! Strategically open windows to create a wind tunnel across your home. This cross breeze can cool your space, give your air conditioning a rest, and help air out a stuffy room. Just remember to close windows and blinds in the morning before the heat sets in.

Change out your bedding. A seasonal refresh is a fun way to update your style. As an added bonus, certain fabrics and even pillows can make your bed more comfortable in the summer months. Stick with cotton for breathable bedding. And consider buckwheat pillows. Since buckwheat hulls have air space between them, they don’t hold heat like traditional pillows.

Stay comfortable to make the most of this summer. And if all else fails, think of how fondly we’ll look back on these sweltering days next winter.

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