Pianos on Parade

The Village at Briarcliff

There is an exciting event taking place in Kansas City this summer:

Imagine artistically painted pianos all over Kansas City in public spaces for our community to enjoy. Imagine people crowding around a beautifully transformed piano while someone plays and others sing. Imagine folks from Johnson County traveling to Lee’s Summit and from the Northland to Olathe just to see all the painted pianos. And imagine tourists who select Kansas City for their summer itinerary just so they can see all these pianos for themselves!

The Kansas City Music Teachers Association (KCMTA) and Keys 4/4 Kids are partnering in honor of KCMTA’s 100th Anniversary to make the summer of Pianos on Parade event a reality.


These pianos were artistically transformed into playable works of art this Memorial Day weekend on Saturday May 23 inside Union Station!

After June 1, we invite you to come visit

BRIARCLIFF’s own Pianos on Parade Piano.

And look for events scheduled around our piano this summer.


Come play our piano this summer!


KCMTA 100th Anniversary Grand Piano painted

by Charlie Podrebarac, Cowtown, in its new home at Union Station

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