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The New Year is in and it’s resolutions are the same as last. However, this year let’s make our “get fit” resolution one month at a time. January has 31 days in the month and we have a 30-Day Challenge for you. We actually have three because we want to help kick start your New Year’s.

“21-days to form a habit.” Great in theory but in reality it takes longer to form a second natured habit. In order to form a positive habit into second nature requires sacrifice. But hey, who said greatness was easy? Don’t fret though; there are three manageable phases to form a habit.

According to Tom Bartow, the following model of what a habit formation really looks like:


This phase is characterized by the feeling of “this is easy.” But at some point the bubble must pop. The honeymoon phase is usually the result of something inspiring, like a new year, and for the first few days we make positive changes in our lives.


Inspiration fades and reality sets in, life starts returning to “normal.” Old habits die-hard, the key to moving to phase three is to win 2 or 3 deterrents. This is critical. To win, use the following questions:

  1. RECOGNIZE: Recognition is essential for breaking down the obstacles. When you reach the first obstacle simply say, “I have encountered an obstacle, and I need to break through it to move on.” It’s silly to say to yourself but if you read this again and again, we’ll be saying it to you for you. Each obstacle we overcome makes the next one easier, but choose to let the obstacles stop you makes the next one even easier to stop you for good.
  2. ASK 2 QUESTIONS: “How will I feel if I do this?” and “How will I feel if I don’t do this?” Bring emotion into the equation; it’s what drives us all. Let yourself feel the positive in winning the fight and the negative in losing.
  3. LIFE PROJECTION: If the above 2 techniques haven’t moved you to action, then imagine in great detail how your life will be in 5 years if you don’t start making changes. Be completely honest with yourself, and allow yourself to feel what life will be like if the changes aren’t made. Before giving up with the idea, “I’ll just do this in a few weeks, months, or years,” think about where you could be if you push through in the same amount of time you wanted to push it off.


Entering second nature is often known as “getting in the groove.” Don’t throw of my groove. Beware of the groove! Once in second nature, the following are 3 common interruptions that will send a person back to the fight through:

  1. THE DISCOURAGEMENT MONSTER: We allow negative results discourage us into thinking, “This isn’t working, and there’s nothing I can do.”
  2. DISRUPTIONS: Life causes significant changes in our current pattern, like vacations, holidays, illness, weekends, etc.
  3. SEDUCTION OF SUCCESS: We focus on positive results and begin to think, “I’m the special one. I have finally figured out how to have great results with not so great process.”

If someone experiences an interruption that send them back to the fight through, winning 2 or 3 will bring them back to second nature. Results and habits aren’t as easy as brushing our teeth. They require doing things others won’t or can’t do. GREATNESS IS ACHIEVED DAILY. Marry the good habits because it requires a consistent commitment. Commit to make it through the obstacles, no matter how many times you go back, keeping fighting to succeed.

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Get fit. Feel better. Be happy. All at the Village at Briarcliff.



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