Sweet and savory: what’s in store for your holidays

Green Acres Market & Deli

Green Acres Market

We’re heading into the holidays, and GreenAcres Market is ready. It’s not going to be easy to resist some of the tasty, healthier, yet indulgent goodies we bring in for our customers during November and December. The holidays are a time to celebrate, and don’t forget to try some homemade baked goods from the deli or sign up to have us make part or all of your holiday meals.

For the sweet tooth

Just to give you a little peek at what’s in store right now, look at this list:

  • Chocolate-dipped pretzels: some rolled in nuts are bagged and bowed and ready to become stocking stuffers.
  • A popular repeat from last year, chocolate “tuxedo” cups, shaped like a man’s dinner jacket, are stocked and waiting for that homemade, perfect chocolate mousse filling or strawberries and whipped cream. They are just enough deliciousness to top off a Christmas Eve meal.
  • Enjoy peppermint bark and sponge toffee truffles, they melt in your mouth!
  • How about organic candy canes—if they’re organic, they have to be good for you, right?!
  • And for you gluten-free fans, try our glutino holiday-covered pretzels – they are flying off the shelves.

For the savory palate

Not everything is sweet in GreenAcres at holiday time. Savory is always in demand.

Customers with food sensitivities and food allergies have come to rely on their favorite health food store to make shopping easy during this merriest of seasons, especially customers who are gluten free, who have embraced various lifestyles such as paleo, vegetarian or vegan or who eschew dairy, soy, or wheat.

Already, GreenAcres has stocked holiday staples, such as:

  • Organic canned pumpkin
  • Gluten-free packaged stuffing
  • Gluten-free soups: mushroom, cream of chicken and cream of celery
  • Organic broth, organic condiments, even organic canned cranberry sauce

And don’t forget the gluten-free frozen pie shells—a life saver for those who want to take the guess work out of converting a recipe to accommodate rice or coconut flour.

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