What about the 11th day of school?

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Back to School

School started, whether we were ready or not! Although it felt like a rush to get supplies purchased and new schedules figured out, there’s a painful truth about the school year.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

If you’re a kid who is pretty sure second grade is going to feel like seven years, that’s bad news. But for teachers and parents, it means we have plenty of time to get it right. If things weren’t perfect on the first day, it doesn’t matter. Every day is an opportunity.

So, to the mom who threw together a sack lunch PB&J on slightly stale bread? No worries. And to the teacher whose summer disappeared without touching that to-do list? We’ve got you covered. Here are ways to make the most of your entire school year – not just the glamorous first day.

Sleep it off. Kids, parents, and teachers alike all need rest. Make a good night’s sleep a priority and you’ll reap benefits like better concentration, improved memory, and more energy. Sticking to a scheduled bedtime can help make the transition to the school year easier for everyone.

Hit the ground running. It’s hard to be productive when your feet hurt. Many kids get new shoes for the new school year, and it’s a great time for adults to up their footwear game as well. Well-made shoes that are professionally fitted can make your daily routine feel like a dream. Visit the specialists at The Foot Spot to find footwear that’s perfect for you.

Dine like royalty. Mom was right: good nutrition really is important. Whether you’re packing a lunch or preparing a sit-down feast for the whole tribe, fresh ingredients make all the difference. Be on the lookout for healthier versions of old favorites. GreenAcres Market is an amazing resource for local and natural food. They also offer recipes and cooking classes if you’re in a rut.

Take a breather. Kids can’t study all the time, and adults need breaks, too. Schedule time off, especially during this hectic time of year. While taking “me time” might feel counterproductive, it will end up making you more efficient. You’ll be emotionally rested and better able to face the challenges at hand. Plus, rest is part of work: firefighters waiting at the station are still working, right?

Even if your school year got off to a bumpy start, there’s hope. Take care of yourself and your family to ensure a great year.

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